July 31, 2011

Music Muse

This music video for Iron by Woodkid is beautiful, haunted, and hypnotizing. These great items reminded me of this video and now I can't stop watching it. That and Agyness Deyn is just gorgeous.

Each and every one of the items is from Etsy.com.
Links to items from top to bottom:
Glam Epaulettes
Dress With Tree
Crochet Okapi Necklace
Alligator Bronze Belt Buckle
Egyptian Sunburst Earrings


July 29, 2011

Fall Looks

I'm loving the Free People sneak peak looks for August. Especially these two. They make me want to smell the crisp autumn leaves and go apple picking at the orchard by my old farm.

Via Free People


Product Love

I am so into these lamps it's not even funny. DIY project potential? I think so!

All items by BNO design.


July 28, 2011

Project Inspiration

I'm constantly looking at interior design and drooling over everyone's super great unique furniture and decor.
Kinda thinking about reupholstering my couch with some kind of a cowhide print. Okay, more than kinda...
Yes? No? ...Yes?

Photos via:


July 27, 2011

Artist Feature

When it's beautifully sunny outside and there it a perfect breeze, having to go to work and sit in an office at a computer (albeit fun) is definitely not my idea of a great day.
Stina Persson is an illustrator and artist hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. While her amazingly dreamy watercolors captivate me and make me want to float away, they also seem to remind me that there are way more beautiful and awesome places to see than my much-less-than-exciting computer monitor.

I saw her work at the Perfectly Flawed exhibit in Soho at Gallery Hanahou (which is a great little gallery with awesome workshops and shows) and could not help myself but purchase a perfect little portrait called "Rosie" that was framed in a vintage frame from Germany. It hold a place of honor on the walls of my living room and continues to inspire me.


*All images via stinapersson.com.

July 25, 2011

Outfit Post

Hi there, I wanted to share what I wore today because this is the first time I've worn this dress out in public since I purchased it in Beijing a couple winters ago. I was so drawn to it though I don't think of it as my style. I don't consider myself super girly. Maybe I am?
I coupled it with studs. Lots of them. What do you think?

This outfit cost about $150 total. Which it pretty awesome I think!
Dress and bag -purchased in China
Belt -NY&Co
Shoes - Patricia Field for Payless
Earrings -Tarina Tarantino

July 24, 2011

Etsy Shop Feature- Qoo Qoo Fashion

I was a huge fan of Etsy.com before my little vintage shop ever came into the picture, and I still can't say enough good things about this online community of do-it-yourselfers and creatives. The level of vision and professionalism that comes through these shops always blows me away because everyone is so personable and down to earth, its like the best of an online flea market that just happens to have anything and everything. I have found some of my most interesting and treasured pieces both for my closet, my home, and my friends. I'm hooked for life.

Qoo Qoo Fashion is one of those shops that I was instantaneously drawn to the very first time I happened upon the shop. Produced in Latvia and led by graphic designer Alyona Bauska, this shop produces their own fabrics and prints with an amazing whimsy yet romantic space age feel to them. I drool over their dresses and vow to someday own one. Or five. Take a look and weep at their loveliness!

If you are not a member of Etsy, you should be! Click here to get started!
To check out more Qoo Qoo Fashion, click here.

*If anyone is interested in having me feature their Etsy shop, please email me with a link to your site and a quick quote with what you're all about! I'm always interested in finding new shops!


July 22, 2011

Mannequin Makeover

As a vintage lover and expert finder of interesting things, I naturally have my closet and 2 bedroom apartment overflowing with items that I don't necessarily need. Okay, I take that back I do need them all but I know there are others out there that certain items would be perfect for, and therefore it is better to share than to hoard. That's when I started my little Etsy shop, and The Rose Alley was born.
I love my shop, though I wish I could devote all of my time to it I work a full time job so it's still in the baby stages for now. I do hope it continues to grow, because I love devoting my spare time to it.

To get back on the subject, I wanted for so long to find a nice mannequin to make it a little more convenient for me to photograph my merchandise. Even on ebay however these mannequins can cost around 100 dollars. Which isn't so bad, but I'd rather find a better use for 100 buckaroos.
I was in this amazing shop called The Thing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and there she was!

She has arms and came with a glass stand and though kinda beat up I walked out of the store carrying a naked headless plastic lady for a mere 40 dollars! Yea, I know!

So I spackled her dings and dents, sanded them down using a fine grain sandpaper and used about 2 cans of Painter's Touch flat white spray paint from Home Depot.

Afterwards I added this giant flower that I found and she looks amazingly surreal and whimsical! I love it, and she looks like a million bucks and only cost me about 50 dollars total. Win.

Stay tuned and later on I will be doing a tutorial on how to make an amazing crepe paper flower like the one used for my mannequin!



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Transitional Dreaming

Jeffrey Campbell shoes are amazing as always. These two pairs in particular I am taken with. Perfect to wear now (once the temperature drops a little) and into fall.
Via NastyGal.


*Official* Hello.

Hi there,

I know my first post wasn't exactly the most fabulously friendly thing to put up on my blog but (again) I was just way too into those earrings. Still am. BUT, I wanted to say an official hello, and to thank you for stopping by.
I am really excited to be starting this blog and hope you continue to read about my styling, beauty, design, art, diy, and everyday adventures!


July 21, 2011

Most Coveted.

Hi there! Aly here.
I was trying to think of a wonderful post to begin my blogging maiden voyage with but I'm so into these earrings I can't resist.
Wouldn't these just make the most wonderful birthday gift ever? Am I terrible at dropping hints? Yes, I am, but look at them!

Via karmaloop.