November 22, 2011

Overalls... huh?

Have you guys ever really wanted something that seems like a general fashion nono, but you just can't help yourself? That's how I feel about overalls. I love them, despite the fact that I know most people (myself included) cannot rock just any old pair of overalls. I will search until I find the perfect pair. *Sigh.

All images are Free People.

*Dread Update: They're doing pretty well. I will post pictures after the holidays, some need to be redone but that's to be expected. I have over 40 dreads so it's not possible for them all to be perfect. I'm super duper happy with them though! :)

P.S. -I know it's been really slow on The Rose Alley lately, but with the Holidays around it's pretty busy (as I'm sure it is for all of you!). I very much appreciate you all stopping by, stay tuned! Exciting things to come. :)

November 18, 2011


Haha. Whiskey. What a goof.
I am so happy it's Friday you have no idea! Okay, maybe you have an idea, it's Friday for you too. Haha. This weekend will be interesting, I have quite a little list of to-do's. I'm going to try and shoot some pictures of my finished office space. Once I clean it that is. Also getting my dreads, cleaning out my closet (again), trying some new diy projects, trying to snap some outfits for a post or two, making a list of gifts that need getting for my family, and hopefully setting up some more listings in the shop! Whew. Thankfully the next week will only be 3 days long. :)

November 17, 2011


So while Tuesday was a really hard day in the beginning, and wound up with being better by the end of it. Yesterday was crazy as far as the 9-6 job goes. Today I have a doctors appointment at this new swanky place called One Medical Group. They have locations all over NYC, and I've heard/read really good things about them (gorgeous offices, on time appointments, super nice staff, etc.). The final reason I decided to join, (and yes, you have to pay a yearly membership fee) is because they include a large list of additional health services. Which I would be using anyway (and paying higher fees to see a 'specialist'). So, I find it to be a really good deal. We will see. I'm actually looking forward to it. I've been not so great with keeping up on my doctor visits and such.

And what has spurred my new kickstart on healthy-ness? Well to be honest, it was my hair.
That sounds odd and possibly conceited, but it's not like that I swear. I have come to the realization that I've been slowly losing bits and pieces of my real self over these past few years. I don't know when it started happening really but it can easily happen once you're out of college and (if you're lucky) working full time in NYC and coming home just in time to take the dog for a walk, eat dinner, watch modern family, and go to bed. Repeat for 5 days a week. Over and over again.
The weekends slowly become less of a time for relaxing and more of a time to work on your own personal projects (oh great, more work. haha). I also got really wrapped up in trying to get my appearance to be on trend with every other fashionable woman/blogger/celebrity, and it's silly, because it's not me. I am in awe of women with long silky perfectly maintained hair and manicures and great wardrobes and whatnot (and I love reading their blogs!). It just wasn't working for me, and I was trying way too hard. It's totally draining if you let it be. And honestly I have been. Which isn't cool.

Long story short, I'm taking back that part of my life, and getting back my dreadlocks is a really important aspect of it for me. I had them for a time in my early college years, but due to a very determined bout of flu, my dreads kind of grew into one bunch on the back of my head because I could not take care of them. I had no energy, as it happens when one has the flu. So after, I sat for 9 hours and combed them out. Yea.
And contrary to popular assumption, nice clean dreads take a lot of work! I'm not a hippie burnout bum (if you are, thats totally cool. No judgements here!) and I take a lot of pride in my appearance. My dreads are/will be no exception. I love them when I had them, and I felt the most like me. If that makes sense. It made me more aware of making healthful decisions and being more conscious on several levels. It may sound weird to some of you, but it worked for me, so here we are.

Bahaha. Look at me and my little peace sign. Give me a break, I was maybe just 20. These were baby dreadlings.
Anyway, I just wanted to write this because I feel like a lot of people have preconceived notions about dreadlocks and a lot of them just aren't true. Even for me, I was a little afraid that I'd have to totally change my look because I wanted my dreads back. But honestly, just because I have dreadlocks doesn't mean I can't have kick ass style. In fact, they will probably add to it if they make me happy and confident. I've found a lot of support and inspiration from new blogs, videos, and images. I love Galapril, this blog's owner is a beautiful, smart, creative, liberal young woman from Denmark and her blog has been a huge inspiration for me to know that I can maintain my love of fashion and makeup while having dreads. Also I really like Francesca at She has a super fun personality, is a great video blogger, and has crazy inspiring hair styles for dreads. And even thought it's mainly for women with natural african type hair, I love it. She's very talented. Dread Head HQ and Knotty Boy are also really useful.

That's about all I can say right now, my products are supposed to come in today and I will be dreading (with a very patient and good friend, I did have to bribe her though haha) on Saturday. They will be puffy and weird looking for a week or two but they'll lock up soon enough. I will be sure to take lots of pictures, I want to share the fun with you! Last time it took 8 hours, it will probably take longer this time as I'm going to try a slightly different method. We will see! Here are some awesome and inspiring pictures to get you ready for the festivities!

All of these images, and their original links, are available through my Pinterest site.

November 15, 2011

I Need Some Happy

Having a really rough day. Send me some happy thoughts and some hugs, please.

Via my Pinterest.

November 11, 2011

Pretty Baubles

I love plugs. So much. My boyfriend has plugs and I find it so awesome and attractive. I wish I had gauged ears but I love all earrings too much to commit to just plugs. If I did though, I'd own all of these.

The last ones are my favorite. How gorgeous are these babies!?! Ugh. I yearn for them...
All of these lovelies are from Mystic Metals Body Jewelry. Click here for more.

November 10, 2011

Life Lessons on a Thursday

1. Pinterest is horrifyingly addicting.

2. Pungent smells are the worst.

3. No matter how "not girly" you are, if you are surrounded by pink Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm, you will eventually come to appreciate it just as much as you hate it.

4. Heating pads are amazing. Without them I am a horrible person.

5. Gauging your nose ring hurts a lot.

6. Not all Naked Juice Smoothies are created equal. Green Machine for the win.

7. I'd rather leave the house with only my eyebrows done than only having mascara on.

8. I really, really need to just subscribe to magazines instead of buying them individually.

9. It's kind of fascinating how changing your hair makes you completely rethink your wardrobe (as well as certain aspects of your lifestyle).

10. Currently listening to: Lykke Li, Little Dragon, Warpaint (obviously), The Middle East, Adele, Karen O and the Kids.

November 9, 2011

Necessary Objects

Hi everyone, I have to make a quick post about this even though it's a total no brainer. Every girl has a running list of the items she's saving to buy. Well, mine has a serious gap in it. I saw the most perfect Michael Kors watch on a young woman's wrist on the G train last night and realized how long I've been putting off just saving up for the watch that's been in my dreams for years. Which now sits on this girl's wrist... gah! And while we're at it, lets just go ahead and add my Ray Ban aviators. Because yea, I still haven't got those yet either. Fail.

Jeeze Aly, get your head in the game! Haha. But seriously, if there were accessory staples that needed to be purchased. These two are it. And maybe some kick ass headphones.

November 8, 2011

Halloween (Finally!)

Hi everyone!

I wanted to post my Halloween costumes but was waiting to see if a pic from the concert my boyfriend and I went to was posted to their Facebook page. And they did! So, without further ado, here are my 2 costumes from this year.

First, on Friday we went to a Dubstep show called Darkroom (@ Public Assembly, Williamsburg Brooklyn) and it was fun. Everyone was in costume even though it was only Friday night (look at Frankenberry in the back!!!). There were a few odd looks from the 'too cool' kids but who cares. It was a fun night. 

Secondly, on Saturday night, my mister and I went to our friend's party as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. I loved my costume! Doing the hair and makeup was so much fun! The hair is all my own, just set in tiny rollers and brushed out a lot. The dress was from H&M, which was a lot better idea than I had initially. I thought it'd be awesome to wear one of my pristine 1950's vintage dresses, but thought better of the idea since people would be drinking. And, of course, I wound up having a whole bunch of beers spill on me. At least it wasn't on my vintage. Haha.

The party was so much fun, there was an entire photo booth set up and a table piled high with candy, so I was set. Really fun Halloween. :)

November 7, 2011

Lady Leo -A Love Story

I'm not crazy into astrology, but is it terrible that I'm in love with my sign? I suppose that fits the Leo perfectly. Leo's love being Leo's! At our best we're warmhearted, enthusiastic, very creative, broad-minded, expansive, faithful, and fully loving. However, cross a Leo or mess with her friends and boy are we vicious. It's also said that Leo's can be a little too egotistic, though I don't really see that vice in myself.  What I do know, is Leo's love their style! The more eye catching and dangerous, the better!
We know what we want.

Being a Leo really became significant to me when I was growing up. I had a really bad self image, and still struggle with confidence today. But knowing that I'm a Leo, for some reason makes me pic my head up and recognize that I am powerful and desired. I rule my mind, my heart, and my life. The more I experience, the more I trust in my own instincts and ambition. I love statement fashion, a lot of pride for me is placed on the one of a kind finds at vintage and thrift stores. However, if I could pick the perfect designer to wear forever that represents the Leo woman it'd have to be the amazing Mr. Michael Kors, who is also a Leo (*as was the great Coco Chanel).

I just think his designs fit a strong, confidant woman perfectly, because the clothing is breathtaking but the woman shines through. Someday, my closet will be filled with his garments! ...Someday.
Until then I will be content with my (not too shabby, if I do say so myself!) wardrobe.

All images can be found via my Pinterest.

November 2, 2011

A Styled Self Image Series

As I step out of the car, the door shifting aside to reveal my long slender legs, feet wrapped in the newest buttery soft leather booties, I gracefully stand to my full 5'8" stature. The flash bulbs screaming for a glimpse of me, and my sunglasses fiercely shielding my gaze from their brash light. With languid motion I shift down the red carpet, pristine and fresh. The photographers will scream anything to win my attention. "Aly! Aly, look this way! Aly, what are you wearing?! Aly, you're late for work!"


Talk about a wake up call. Alas, I wake up to my 5'2", size 6 (shhh!), wide foot, high instep, shoulder length hair, muscular armed self. Trust me, I'm no runway model. While I wish and wish that I was taller, thinner, had dainty feet, or slender fingers, I don't. I'm me, and that's what I have to work with. And while the size 6 thing can change, I'll never be a zero. My rib cage would never allow it. The best I can hope for is a 4 (so I'm not too far off, right?), thats just how I'm built.
My shape isn't without it's positive aspects though. I have a tiny waist (compared to my rest of me), a nice jaw line, good collarbones, a booty (I view this as definitely positive, so does my boyfriend), and powerful shapely legs. While most high fashioners may hiss as these aspects, I love it. I'm shaped like a woman. The generic figure term (in fashion mag speak) would have to be a combination of a sultry hourglass and an athletic yet adorable spark plug (yes, a spark plug. A Hayden Panettiere-esq spark plug). Let's just put a nice little spin on it and call it a powerglass. Oh yea, I like it!
Okay, so I've established the powerglass. What does that mean? Well, such a wonderful figure deserves a special set of guides! These are the top guidelines I have learned (some learned the hard way) when it comes to petite, non-size-2 dressing, styling, and all around feeling awesome...

Rule #1: Find a stylish hairstyle that you love. And rock the hell out of it! A great haircut is such a boost for style and mentality. I generally think that for myself longer hair is better, but I've tried everything (oh yea, just wait for pictures!). But not too long, or it will overwhelm a petite frame. This is obviously a personal preference, but I find it more slimming for my figure and face. I envy the girl that can rock unique cuts perfectly. Don't forget about color!

Rule #2: Recognize when to wear a belt, and when not to. I know it's become a general rule of thumb now to throw a belt around your waist, but sometimes it's more lengthening to not wear one. Example? A solid color maxi dress with a jacket or blazer over it. Or a nice crisp oxford shirt and dark jeans. Think of a nice column of color, you don't want to go chopping it off in the middle do you? And when you do sport a belt, be aware of the width of the belt. Skinny is a good go to, really wide belts are shortening most of the time.

Rule #3: Fit. Fit. Fit! If clothing your trying isn't fitting you the right way, pass. Unless it's a simple alteration like a hem length, don't make excuses. Nothing too tight, nothing too lose. Only buy what fits you well. Period. (I have trouble obeying this rule but it's SO important!)

Rule #4: Find your silhouettes. You know what I'm talking about, that one cut of a dress or a pant that has you strutting your stuff! Everyone has at least one! 
Also recognize what cuts don't work for you, and let em go. Example, I had to throw out all my crap skinny jeans just to make sure I'd get more flattering cuts! A little extreme, I know, but otherwise I'd just keep wearing them knowing they don't look great. Which doesn't benefit anyone. Wrap dresses, v-neck slouchy tees, bootcut jeans, and pencil skirts are my best friends.

Rule #5: You know the saying about guys being Mr. Right, or Mr. Right now? The same thing goes for clothing. Recognize what are important lasting staples for your style and buy the best quality you can afford, trends are a fading thing and you can pick them up at more wallet-friendly shops. It may sound odd, but it helps. And you'll be glad you saved for the great pieces and only spent $15 on that neon feather number.

Rule #6: Prints can be tricky. Tiny prints are generally not a good camouflage. Things like liberty floral prints are awesome on shoes, but on dresses can be slightly enlarging. I love love love big, abstract prints. They read as more modern and streamlined, and can be mixed a lot more easily. Stripes and dots being the size exception, of course. They are great no matter what.

Rule #7: Color blocking and single color dressing is modern and slimming, if done the right way. Think streamlined and clean. Minimal jewelry, or one great eye catching piece.

Rule #8: Accessories can make or break an outfit. If you're going for the boho gypsy look, piling on jewelry is going to look better than when trying an office/interview appropriate ensemble. Don't get me wrong, I love to pile on my jewelry. The chunkier the better. But it's all about tasteful curation.

Rule #9: Footwear is so so important, not to mention fun! Nude pumps matching your skin tone are an absolute must. Also, I find when it comes to strappy heels, if you have more shapely legs, go with thicker straps. Boots can be whatever you want, chunky, slim, high, low, and an assortment of colors. You can't go wrong with boots! I will just say that quality and comfort is probably most important in footwear.

Rule #10: Take care of your wardrobe. I'm sure this probably sounds like a no brainer to most, but properly caring for your items will make you look and feel your best. I'm talking dry cleaning, steaming, ironing, washing, condition your leather goods, shaving (sweaters and jackets pill like crazy, and no one wants to see that!), and organizing. It will make you feel put together and sane. Trust me. Plus, I mean, who doesn't dream of the perfect closet?

So, how do you all feel about my guidelines? Unless you're a model-esq woman (and for that, I'm eternally envious of you) I usually find that guidelines help to look and feel your best. 
As I mentioned in the title of this post, these guidelines will be part of a series I am beginning next week! Every week, I am going to devote a post to one of my ten rules. Complete with styling examples from yours truly, as well as details about my items! 
Stay tuned, or subscribe so you don't miss a thing!

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November 1, 2011

Wherever You Are

Hi All,
Just wanted to make a small, yet exciting announcement. The Rose Alley, my vintage shop via, now will ship internationally! Take a look!