May 16, 2012


Hi all,

After a serious hiatus due to lots of things happening in my life all at once, I've decided to explain as little as possible because:
1. I don't have the time to give a run down.
and 2. Because I think you simply don't need to hear all the boring-ish parts. (I'll do you that favor.)

So here is a nutshell of what's been going on, instagram status.

To elaborate ever so slightly, I have:
-Gotten a new tattoo. On my chest, and it says "The Lion's Roar" (for several reasons)
-Cuddled lots and lots with my Whiskey dog, and my mister
-Gotten an amazing new job as a graphic designer at Birchbox. (the most exciting event. obviously!)
-Gone to a few concerts, and many more to come this summer
-Enjoyed my neighborhood spots, especially the ones that are involved in the community and schools.
-Took out my dreads. I am sad to have done so, but there were good reasons. 

Hope you all have been amazingly well, and please stay tuned for lots more to come here on The Rose Alley!

<3 Aly