January 14, 2013


Happy Monday to everyone.

I am planning on saving Monday for my 'Mood Board Monday's', but I stumbled on this site a little while ago via Pinterest (of course). I have to say I'm in love with this site and the premise behind it.

The company's name is Sevenly. They are a charity organization that operates for a new campaign every week. Each week, they have an organization they donate to, and the way you donate is buy purchasing one of their super well designed apparel items. I mean some of their campaign designs are gorgeous. This is a GREAT gift to get for any design friends that are into typography or philanthropy (or just sweet looking T-shirts).

These are some of this week's designs:

But you have to get them fast because once Friday comes, they are unavailable after that. Gone. Forever. This is because they only print enough to fill the orders placed (thus saving time/money/etc. Smart, right?) I also really like the different cut options for their garments, they have more vintage-y options as well as the common v-neck tee shirts.

Obviously I'm planning on grabbing a bunch. Check out some of their previous campaigns:

You can read more about each charity that's involved (currently and previously) by visiting their site, sevenly.org.
Buying some sweet new gear has never been more worth it.

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