January 15, 2013

Healthy(er) and Happy(er)

I wanted to make a quick post today about health. I'm not talking about 'weight loss' or your new years resolution to be 'skinny' by the summer, because I don't really agree with the driving forces behind those things. Almost all women want to have a better body than they currently do.

I started making moves to a healthier me way back in September. Eating better was my main focus, and  a month after that I tacked on 'be more active' as a goal. I hadn't added flat out 'exercise' until this past November, because I wanted to develop permanently better habits one at a time. Or, at least have a better chance at making these habits stick.
While my progress is slow, I am starting to see real physical results in myself. It wasn't overnight and it's hard. I don't own a scale and don't plan on getting one as I'm built to be very athletic and weight looks different on everyone. I just want to say that I'm really really excited about seeing more and more people that want to be healthy, not 'thin'.

One of the blogs I follow is called B. Jones Style, and one of her initial (post baby) 2013 entries talks about being a real person, with real issues and real goals. I really admire her for this because being a fashion blogger is, in many cases, very skewed into making people think you have this perfect, picturesque life. I'm avidly following her new post series: FIT & FABULOUS, which is intended to be her journey back to a healthy pre baby weight. And while she still looks amazing after just having a baby this winter, I know there are people out there (myself included) that can benefit from her perspective.

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I fully intend to join in on her growing #bjsfitandfabulous community, and maybe you guys should too. -Whether its to slim down from having a real baby, or food babies. We need to take full advantage of this growing want to throw words like 'skinny' and 'thin' overboard, and replace them with words like fit, healthy and strong.

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