January 22, 2013

A Clean, Crisp, Love Affair

The white shirt. Who doesn't think of that as a classic, American staple of casual-yet-amazing-ness? I've been seeing the white shirt pop up here and there on my various social followings recently and I have to say I fall in love all over again every time I think about it. I mean, to say you don't love the classic wrangler jeans and a white t should be practically a sin.
While I love them, I cannot say I wear them too often. Mostly because (and I'm sure this is the case with lots of people) I am so stain prone, it's just hilarious. Also living in NYC (which is really a giant dirt clump of a commute, unless you have a bottomless wallet with taxi money) can make whites pretty hard to keep pristine. Maybe I should make that a goal once this icicle of a city thaws up in the spring...

Images from my Pinterest.

January 15, 2013

Healthy(er) and Happy(er)

I wanted to make a quick post today about health. I'm not talking about 'weight loss' or your new years resolution to be 'skinny' by the summer, because I don't really agree with the driving forces behind those things. Almost all women want to have a better body than they currently do.

I started making moves to a healthier me way back in September. Eating better was my main focus, and  a month after that I tacked on 'be more active' as a goal. I hadn't added flat out 'exercise' until this past November, because I wanted to develop permanently better habits one at a time. Or, at least have a better chance at making these habits stick.
While my progress is slow, I am starting to see real physical results in myself. It wasn't overnight and it's hard. I don't own a scale and don't plan on getting one as I'm built to be very athletic and weight looks different on everyone. I just want to say that I'm really really excited about seeing more and more people that want to be healthy, not 'thin'.

One of the blogs I follow is called B. Jones Style, and one of her initial (post baby) 2013 entries talks about being a real person, with real issues and real goals. I really admire her for this because being a fashion blogger is, in many cases, very skewed into making people think you have this perfect, picturesque life. I'm avidly following her new post series: FIT & FABULOUS, which is intended to be her journey back to a healthy pre baby weight. And while she still looks amazing after just having a baby this winter, I know there are people out there (myself included) that can benefit from her perspective.

© BJonesStyle.com

I fully intend to join in on her growing #bjsfitandfabulous community, and maybe you guys should too. -Whether its to slim down from having a real baby, or food babies. We need to take full advantage of this growing want to throw words like 'skinny' and 'thin' overboard, and replace them with words like fit, healthy and strong.

January 14, 2013


Happy Monday to everyone.

I am planning on saving Monday for my 'Mood Board Monday's', but I stumbled on this site a little while ago via Pinterest (of course). I have to say I'm in love with this site and the premise behind it.

The company's name is Sevenly. They are a charity organization that operates for a new campaign every week. Each week, they have an organization they donate to, and the way you donate is buy purchasing one of their super well designed apparel items. I mean some of their campaign designs are gorgeous. This is a GREAT gift to get for any design friends that are into typography or philanthropy (or just sweet looking T-shirts).

These are some of this week's designs:

But you have to get them fast because once Friday comes, they are unavailable after that. Gone. Forever. This is because they only print enough to fill the orders placed (thus saving time/money/etc. Smart, right?) I also really like the different cut options for their garments, they have more vintage-y options as well as the common v-neck tee shirts.

Obviously I'm planning on grabbing a bunch. Check out some of their previous campaigns:

You can read more about each charity that's involved (currently and previously) by visiting their site, sevenly.org.
Buying some sweet new gear has never been more worth it.

January 10, 2013


So hey, it's the 10th of January. Needless to say I'm a bit late with all my 'new years resolution' business, let alone actually posting! Yes, I took a hiatus from blogging since my last post in September. I needed it. A new job, and some self reflection were greatly in order.
I'd like to jump on the new year spirit of getting a fresh start. I enjoy blogging, and I want to begin again. Hopefully you've noticed my blog mini facelift? It's really nothing crazy but the handwriting is all mine and reminds me more of my sketchbook notes. I feel a little more at home. And that's what I want this blog to be.
...I've been reading a lot of other people's blogs and I notice more and more that no one really writes things anymore. At least not in the solely fashion oriented ones I read. I seem to find myself unsubscribing from those blogs more often now, unless their imagery/style is amazing and they are offering me a new outlook on something. I'm all about positive attitudes and healthy images right now, so stay tuned! This weekend I'm hatching a new schedule for some interesting posts. I'm looking forward to trying them out. Happy New Year to everyone.